Hey a new year has arrived for this old gal and I thought I had to get into some shape for the shape I’m in.  Not that I have a bad shape mind you.  I have a great shape if the shape that you prefer is round…well not completely round…a few indentations in the roundness.

I thought this is my year to exercise.  I visited those fang-dangled work-out places; all young bloods, bouncing and gyrating to this blazing drum-driven music.  What’s an old gal to do?  I knew I’d be able to take about two strides on that walking thing and maybe I could have those weights in my hands and do a couple of criss-crosses, but bop like them, never.  I just knew there had to be something for these old bones that would fit in with my idea of exercise.  When I was younger my idea of exercise was arising in the morning, flexing my fingers and going for a walk with Crazy Cat in tow.  Now I realize that doesn’t quite work these days as there are a few muscles starting to head south and I either have to put a harness on them to jack them up or do something in the way of exercise to build up a few muscles to hold them in place.

I looked into Tai Chi and while the slow motion fit my exercise budget quite well, it just wasn’t moving enough for me. Besides I have seen them out on the hillsides – a bunch of them doing the oddest looking things in the wind. I didn`t want to be seen as a crack pot.

I finally decided on yoga.  Now the local seniors club, was having Chair Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga and of course Advance Yoga.  Well I wasn’t ready for the chair and thought I could probably handle the Beginners.  I bought a fancy mat with colours on it, thinking if I was bored I could concentrate on all the colours.  So with mat in hand away I went.

As we all settled in on our mats (I got the thickest one so I could feel comfortable snoozing and all – as I was told there was meditation included) the teacher gave us the rules about breathing etc.  Here I was in a loose shirt and tights no less (boy do your dimples on your butt show through with tights) and I had on my happy socks. She announced that no socks were allowed only bare feet unless of course you had yoga socks.  Well after viewing hers I knew they wouldn’t suit me as they all had little toes in them and I just knew my sharp ingrown toe-nails and calluses would tear them apart. So, bare feet it was.

What I forgot was, I get cramps if my feet are cold.  It all started out well, this wasn`t too difficult for me.  We were in some pose, for the life of me I can`t remember, I just remember we were to hump up our backs while we were on all fours.  Cramps were taking over my feet and my feet and legs started shooting straight out in every direction. My feet were gyrating in circles trying to get rid of the darn cramps all the while trying not to scream out in pain.  I saw the instructor eyeing me, but she said nothing.

I just got that all settled when next came the baby pose. This is where you are on all fours, backside resting on your legs and feet, and arms and head forward resting on the mat.  All of a sudden I shot out straight. Sprawled out flat on my belly against the mat! I had developed a cramp in my stomach.  She really glared at me then and I just smiled. To fix the cramp was far better for me than being afraid of her glare.

I got through the entire hour and at the end she addressed the group, all the while glancing my way and said if anyone found the Beginners too challenging, we could switch to the Chair Yoga. I wondered why the heck she would stare at me as I thought I was fine.

On my way home, I was trying to figure out why she had picked me out for the comments.  And it was then I had a visual picture of what it must have looked like to her – this crazy woman in her class, feet and legs going every which way not in a slow relaxed motion but like I was on one of those treadmills running.  Well I will show her and when I show up next week for the class, I will try to get her aside to explain what did and what could happen again unless I could sport my own socks.  How was your week. Klara

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