And all through our home, not a creature was stirring
Except Crabby dog and his bone.

The stove it was stoked up to keep the place warm,
And Clem he was snoring like a thunderous storm.


The pots in the pantry, kept up with his beat
The plates they were rattlin thought they’d crash at my feet.

The pies were all baked prepared for the feast,
The bread it was rising plumped up from the yeast.

My once famous dressing I assembled no more,
I now am addicted to the boxed one in the store.

The eyes from the taties no movement to blink,
Awaited their peeling in the old tea-stained sink.

The turnip sat proudly knowing his fight would last long,
In order to peel him I’d have to use hammer and tong.

But now I digress from my story of woes,
Movement awakened me from Clem’s bare toes.

I took me a feather waved it inside his nose,
His hand came a flying he struck quite a pose.

His mouth opened wide screamed what the bleep are you doin?
Not me, I declared must be Tom turkey a croonin.

For tonight old Tom would sit on Clem’s lap,
While old Clem would spoon-feed him from his moonshine on tap.

Clem felt sad for old Tom to face such a fate,
Knowing Thanksgiving would land old Tom on his plate.

He thought the old buzzard shouldn’t  know all the facts,
That after his drinking his fate was Clem’s axe.

Clem ambled out to the barn to get old Tom prepared,
The deed had to be done not much time to be spared.

But this time old Tom had the best poker hand,
When Clem went to grab him on Clem’s back he did land.

He pecked on Clem’s ear ‘till it turned red and blue,
When Clem swung out in protest Tom took off right on cue.

If it’s turkey your wantin Tom shouted  in flight,
Look in your mirror and cook that just right.

The moral my friends for your Thanksgiving meals,
Give thanks you’re not Clem who can’t eat till he heals.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Liz Underhill (aka Klara Kravitz)