image001Have you seen this new DVD “The Secret”   Seems the whole world is going crazy to find out “The Secret”.  I saw some of the people that are letting the Secret on the Oprah show, and every time I turned the channel there they were again.

I want to know if the darn thing’s such a secret, how come people are blabbing the secret all over the place.  I sure wouldn’t want these people as friends, why I would tell them my secrets and they would be on every set spreading my business all over.

I decided I had to see for myself. What the heck, I could try this.  They told me to focus on what I wanted.  It sure didn’t work for me. I pasted skinny pictures of myself all over the house, and I kept focusing on them. I tried focusing on exercise and my focus drifted over to my favourite chair.  It is so comfortable, and then my focus turned somehow to my favourite Pralines and Cream, Ice Cream – so good.  They didn’t tell me how to stop my eyes from focusing on all the good stuff.

Talk about the Law of Attraction at work. There’s not a thing that I want that I cannot have so these folks told me.  I just have to ask the genie and my wishes would be granted.  Well one look at that hunk of a genie and my eyes focused like a laser beam.  I think I have to go for an eye exam because my focus is getting faulty. The only thing that manifested from that focus was my Clem and all his muscles are heading south rapidly and his firm belly is getting slightly out of hand, a long way from that muscle bound giant.

I thought I would try it with money.  I drew $100,000.00 on my $10. bill.  I thought about just what I would do with the money when it came in, all the fun and traveling I would do, the new log house, the new car I would have.  It was on its way, I just had to have faith.  I got pictures and pasted them up.  Something went wrong again, because the wood in our house I discovered was being eaten alive with termites, and my Champagne Lady car started to fall apart.  The young man at mechanic’s garage told me I needed a tune-up, new plugs, wires, etc.  I told him I needed more than my car tuned up.  I needed some new focus.

“Yes, we sell Focus here mam.  It is made by Ford.  I could show you one in wonderful colours, a CD/DVD player, leather seats, 3-year warranty and roadside service along with On-Star for one year.”

For a minute he had me.  My focus was turning to the feel of a new car, and then I got out of there real fast as I realized his focus was selling this old lady something I didn’t need.  Boy was I lucky, good job my focusing brain was working and as I thought about what just about happened I realized that my focus on abundance in money worked great, I got to keep it. Champagne Lady felt so much better and she backfired all the way home, letting me know that her focus was on staying with me.  Isn’t life grand?

Ms. Klara