First let’s talk about surviving cross-country skiing. Oh yes.  Hubby Clem decided to get my blood going and to take me out cross-country skiing.  He’s the athletic one of the family and he does all this stuff to keep himself in shape.  He bought me a pair of skis years ago, but somehow I just never got out.  He said we would go out on this “little” trail not too far from the house.

I tried to get into my ski suit, but somehow with not using it, it had shrunk.  You know the saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. Now isn’t that the truth. Well I had to go bare-butted into the ski pants just to get the zipper to come up half way.  The jacket was so small, it held me like that old girdle of mine that split with the job it had to do and shot its way into the chandelier.