Hi everyone.  Before we end the new year, I would like to thank all of you who have supported this wee podcast with your emails and well-wishes.   It was started to bring a little smile to your heart with real life stories from behind my bifocals.

You know…Life for all of us seems to happen and we all face challenges and I like to share mine with you in the hopes you can see the brighter side of life in the challenges that come up for you

 If I can bring a smile to your wee lips, then I feel my mission is accomplished.  These stories are real life happenings to me and my family with perhaps a tiny bit of exaggeration, and I’d like to share them with you. Sometimes, they may be exceptionally short and well others could be a bit lengthier.

Since this is the last podcast before 2019, I think it only appropriate to talk about New Year’s Resolutions as another year has whizzed by, Christmas is over and the New Year is here waiting for all our promises that we rarely keep; the kind that sure feels good when we release them into the sky hoping someone up there will hear them and magically with no effort on our part, be done; my will be done sort of thing.

This year I started to make up my usual list prayerfully,  as in other years, stating what I was going to do just didn’t work. So I thought by asking for what I want would be so much better. Like you know as they say, ask the universe and then don’t get into the how’s…just trust in all that milarky.  I only had four this year so I thought I would share them with you. 

  1. Dear Lord: I have to lose weight right away and I don’t want it to be painful.  I want all that cake, chocolate and Christmas goodies to pass on through leaving no traces of their fat behind and certainly not on mine.
  2. Dear Lord: I need help with procrastination. I could get things done a lot quicker if you would stop me from leaving what I am doing to find out where I hid those darn sweets, so the rest of my family couldn’t snitch them all on me. 
  3. Dear Lord: I need help to be nicer to people. I find I’m not my usually sweet self when others aren’t doing exactly what I want, when I want and how I want it done.  Sometimes it just isn’t fair Lord. 
  4. Dear Lord: I need to be more organized. I am tired of throwing clothes, dirty laundry, books, and stuff into the closets when someone comes to visit.  Why the other day I looked for Crabby Dog and discovered in my haste, he had been tossed in there too.

Guess that’s enough Lord.  While I await your help, I will put my feet up on the couch and nibble away on my famous Konkers that I had hid under the cushions.  Oh yes.  Amen and Thank you Lord.   Me

 Should you want to share some upbeat stories about you and your family’s escapades that will also bring a smile to others, please feel free to send them to me or perhaps you would like to be a live guest on my show.  Head on over to liz@lizunderhill.com and leave us your contact information.  Would love to chat as you share your life stories

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