More Books! This time I was given one by my dearest friend Pheenie. It’s about personalities manifesting into car problems.  I have heard that after a while one’s dog gets to look like the owner, but really a car becoming like a personality? I did promise I would read it from cover to cover and I must confess, after analyzing Clem and myself along with a few minor problems with our cars, I concede a teeny bit, that there could be some merit in this.

Case in point: Clem started his car (he calls it little Jag after the car he wanted but couldn’t afford) on a cold, frosty morning. It jumped to attention, came fully alive and purred. When he got in to back up, he stepped on the clutch and it remained on the floor. Pulled the clutch out by hand, pushed it in again. It remained on the floor. How does this compute? When I think about it, he has been “clutching” his money for years, striving for his real Jag, and just the other day, I overheard him tell Cranky Cat, he was giving up. He would never save enough – “the clutch is gone.”

Clem also has trouble getting his body going in the morning; you almost need a jack hammer to get him out of his bed. Sure enough he has had lots of trouble with Little Jag turning over in the morning. Many mornings his “Jag” has needed a boost.  I have questioned him numerous times about the hole in his head. Now he has a hole in his muffler. I ask you, is this coincidence?

And just the other day, the doctor told me I could expect slight memory losses especially at my age.  He said things have a way of wearing out. Now take my car “Little Red” It is starting to rust out – little holes here and there.

Clem has been telling me I need to be more tolerant. I should speak less and listen more. Of course, I have been denying this. I said people loved to hear me. Well just the other day, my muffler and tail pipe fell off onto the road and I roared all the way home.

I complained to my doctor that the firm skin that once I cherished has now fallen below my knees. Yesterday, I had a flat tire. Is it possible?

Think about it.  Klara

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