I am here to write about the new fandangled world of gadgetry!  My kids bought one of those GPS things for me for my birthday cause they figure I can’t find my way to their house, and folks, I’ve been from then to now trying to figure the darn thing out.

  First of all, I think they ought to teach that bossy gal on that GPS some manners. If I don’t do what she says, she keeps telling me to do it her way and if I don’t then she yells ‘When available make a legal U-turn!  I’ve been travelling these roads all my life and I sure didn’t have a nag like her to tell me where to go.  Why if I want that, I have a Clem. I can count on him.

  I don’t know where they got the name GPS, probably some pretty thing.  I think it should have a different name like GPSO…”Grumpy Puss Speaks Out”.

  Have you ever tried to program that darn thing? The city (I don’t visit there much) is fine but try to get something in the country.  First you have to ask a person, what line or road they live on, what postal code, what township they live on hoping that Grumpy Puss can figure it all out and give me the information. By the time I ask people all those questions, they could have given me the directions and I could have saved myself the headache.

  The problem, as I see it, is like everything else, you get used to the contraption and then the thing breaks down and you’re out in some forsaken countryside and can’t find your way home.  I think it is a hoax on old folks. I just know there is a purpose for all of this. Hey seniors, don’t buy in to it cause when you get lost the kids will have you in a home insisting you are losing your memory cause you can’t even find your way home!

If that isn’t enough, the same wretched kids insisted that they buy me an iPhone.  I told them it wasn’t an iPhone, it was a UPhone and told them what I thought they could do with that idea.  Well as usual, they conned me into letting them do that.  Hey, I just got used to the remote on the TV and of course the  4 cordless phones and now I have this gizmo that I just touch the screen and all these little colorful creatures appear. I think they call them “apps”.  I think it means “Always Purposely Plaguing Seniors”.  There’s music, weather, email, internet, and all that stuff to confuse us old folks even more. If that wasn’t enough those same kids want me to join Facebook.  They said I could keep in touch with them and the grand kids all the time.  My oh my, well the only book I wanna face is the one by Stephen King that’s waiting for me. And oh yes, I am supposed to join Twitter, so I can tweet, twitter.  Now what twit came up with that?  Can you believe it?

 If anyone wants to get in touch with me from now on, I can be found lounging in my old rocker, facing Stephen King and my old rotary dial phone cuddling in my lap after having taken an aspirin for the raging headache I have developed.  Ms. Klara

Hi folks…If you have a friend that would like a wee smile for their day and can relate, please pass it on and feel free to comment.  Thank you…