This on again, off again weather has been a testing ground to see if I choose to commit hara-kiri or thank the good Lord that my feet are still above ground. At this time of year, I must confess I do get somewhat antsy and Clem offered to take me out to dinner. His treat! The opportunity to dress up, and to get Clem out of his sweats and into his church and funeral suit comes but once a year; just a nice, peaceful evening out to clear our minds.

It started the minute we got through the restaurant door; the waiter approached.

“Hello, glad you can join us this evening. Will that be for two or are others joining you?”

“Yes, just the two of us,” Clem offered.

“That’s great. Follow me. I have just the table for you. My name is Jim and I’m your waiter for this evening.” He sat us at a table beside the back kitchen. “Can I get you  something to drink before dinner, or would you like to order now?”

“We’ll have a drink and order our dinner now.”

“Something from the bar, water, coffee, or herbal tea?”

“Water please.”

“On tap or bottled?”


“Okay sir, I’ll bring your water back, but first I’ll take your order. Would you like to hear about our special or do you want to order from the menu?”

“From the menu. We’ll have a salad, steak, baked potato, and peas.”

“Great. Would you like to start with soup, chicken rice or vegetable, or do you prefer salad? We have tossed or Caesar – House, Italian or Caesar dressing; rare, medium or well-done steak; butter, or sour cream for your baked potato; canned or steamed peas? Oh yes, I just about forgot.  Do you want rolls or slab bread, and one more thing, ketchup or steak sauce?”

“NOW HEAR THIS! Tossed, house, rare, sour, steamed, steak sauce and rolls! AND I want it all NOW, not later. I’ll pay by cash, not credit or debit card and I don’t want dessert, baked or otherwise,” Clem shouted as he choked the waiter with his napkin.

The waiter raised his fists and squared off. “Now sir, before I flatten you, do you require an ambulance or can you get to the hospital on your own steam. And how was your day? Ms. Klara

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