This electronic stuff is really getting out of hand, don’t you think? Recently I discovered, after waiting for a long time for my computer to come to life, that the poor dear needed some pep pills.
My computer guru informed me that I needed to upgrade! Upgrade, well I don’t need to do that, I’ve been climbing an upgrade since I bought this thing.
He explained that I needed a new motherboard.
“A Mother what?”
“Yes,” he informed me, “In order to get more megs of ram added.”
“Now hold on here, megs of what?” After careful consideration, it made some sense to me. I guess Megs gets behind you and helps ram you up the upgrade.
“There will already be a math co-processor built in there,” he said.
”Is that male or female?” I inquired. I really don’t require anyone to help me with my math so if I don’t hire this co-professor, does the price lower?”
He explained that the math co-processor stayed with the motherboard. “That’s their business,” I said in my most polite voice. “We’re not here to discuss their personal life; we’re discussing how to make my computer go faster!”
He looked at me in a strange way. “Well, there is one more thing you require for the moment, and that’s a bus video”
That did it! I am now looking for a new guru. I told him to take his motherboard and her live-in, the math coprocessor, and take the first bus out of town. I would take a video and send it on to him at NO CHARGE!!
As he flew out the door, hat, tools, and tower (that’s where the motherboard and math coprocessor live for those of you who don’t know) in hand, he shouted that he would send his invoice E Mail.
Now the mail has to be gender neutral! Just a fancy way of leaving the sh or h from in front of the E. What do you think? Ms. Klara