santa-web-site-2016Golly it’s that time of year once more. I can’t believe a whole year has aged while, I have not. You know, I look in the mirror and I know inside that “slightly” wrinkled face lies a teenager just waiting to jump about. Why I have to contain her especially on Christmas or she would wear me right out.

   I was yakking with my good friend Pheenie the other day about how the festive season seems to be a whirlwind of buying presents, and making sure every last one of our goosey guests was not without a little something. Even though Clem, does all the cleaning of the house, peels all the potatoes, turnips, makes the salad, I still get all tired out with the thinking of it all.

   Why bless me, it is all I can do to stop that Clem from killing the Christmas goose, while at the same time feeding the poor thing with some corn whiskey so he (the goose that is) won’t feel the pain. I stopped the turkey thing a year or so before for just that very reason, but now Clem has it in his gobbler that he should be able to goose up the family.

   I told him they were all God’s creatures and should be left to live out their lives on the upside of the ground until they croak naturally. I really think this getting the animals a wee bit high before doing the deed is his excuse to have a wee nip or two. He knows I don’t like him sipping on that stuff because he doesn’t know when to quit. Why only last year, he snuck off to the barn before the family arrived to taste some of that corn stuff, and when I called him to come in and serve the ham on our new platter, he stumbled through the front door, announcing that he couldn’t serve me up on anything cause I had got fatter. I gotta tell you folks, I took that new platter and landed it squarely on his head and left it along with the ham, quite a bit flatter.

   Last year we started the tradition of all the family and guests giving thanks for whatever talents and blessings they had. You know I discovered, that in the end, after it is all said and done, the little ones, along with the parents and grandparents don’t remember the gifts they received only last year as it applied to the little ones or many years ago as it applied to parents and grandparents.

   What they did remember was all the fun and laughter they had on that day. They remember playing with cousins, aunts and uncles, and the family all getting together to celebrate, singing carols, the smell of Christmas, and of course all the food. For those that believed in Santa, they remember sneaking a look out of their bedroom windows when they were supposed to be asleep, to get a peak of Santa in the sky with his reindeer.

   Keeping that in mind, I guess I will be thankful that I have all my wonderful memories inside, where I can reach in at any time and enjoy all over again. I want to take this time to thank all of you folks who have enjoyed the blessing I have of helping to make people smile; who have written me letters to tell me how much you enjoyed my family and recalled that perhaps you had similar experiences. I want to thank those of you who in your day-to-day living have inspired me to remember things past and most of all I want to thank my family for not being too embarrassed by my disclosing some of our secrets. Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy all your blessings.  Klara and family.