image005Christmas is a special time of year for all the Kravitz Clan and this year, we have decided to change our focus. Instead of material gifts, we have decided, that at our celebration, each person is to give the gift of something we have made with our own two hands, and to give thanks that we have talents – with the exception of Cranky Cat and Crabby Dog as they have four hands each, and the only talent they have to make is a mess with Cranky Cat’s litter.. We are calling it “Count Your Talents.” As I sit here, preparing a list of all the talents I have, I recall memories of last Christmas. 

      I was making out my shopping list, and I heard Clem outside barking at Crabby Dog, to get the lead out.   It had snowed heavily the night before, and Clem no longer did the shovelling, what with his weak knees, sore back, bad hip, arthritis, bursitis and all. We did have to get rid of that snow, so every morning, without fail, Clem, along with Crabby Dog, went out for “his walk”. In the winter, after every snowfall, “his walk” takes him up and down the driveway, and up and down the sidewalk in front of our house. He says he’s blazing a trail through the snow. He claims he really gets a workout when the plough comes by. I used to swear that plough would wait just down the street, for us to shovel that last shovelful, and then plow, engines screaming, that crazy driver would aim square for our drive, and bulldoze mounds more of that darn snow right  in our path.  My Clem figured it all out though. If there’s a way to save some money that penny pinching hubby of mine will find it. 

            The neighbours, I know, must have been curious watching Clem and Crabby Dog stomp up one side of that mound and down the other, packing all the snow down until a trail for our car tires was forged. I do wish he had that perseverance in other areas! I prayed that he would do something with the middle of the mound, as the underbelly of my car was no longer getting tickled, it was getting downright punched.  I swore that one day, the only thing left landing on the road would be the frame, with my old legs pedaling to keep us all afloat.  

           Sometimes, Crabby Dog just doesn’t move fast enough and Clem’s dander gets a little heated! I could hear him hollering “Crabby Dog if you don’t get that hind end of yours moving over that mound, I’ll be forced to lift my arthritic foot and boot your rear over. Now what does all this have to do with count your talents? As this memory caused me to chuckle somewhat, I wrote at the top of my talent list “My Sense of Humour and My Family”, for without humour,  Clem, Cranky Cat, Crabby Dog, and all my family, what could I write about?   I am truly blessed. 

            On behalf of all  the Kravtiz Clan –  Clem, Klara, Cranky Cat, Crabby Dog Mother Mertle,  Father Mortimer, Constance, Collard and Cornish –  Merry Christmas and  “Count Your Talents”   Ms. Klara