Hey folks I decided to travel to the east coast for a holiday as I’d never been there. I wanted to take something to camp in rather than stay in those flea-bitten hotels.

The friend that I am dating…you remember him the one who drilled my arm and had all the chores for me to do…well he said he could go and he had a camper that he could tag along behind his truck.

Sounded good except this tent camper hadn’t seen the light of day for ten years.  He had to get it out of storage but before he could he had to cut down two trees so the wee thing could move.  Well he had tarps and plastic on the top to protect it, but as he pulled the darn thing out of its home, the tarps disintegrated!

As I looked as this rusted bucket on wheels, I asked if it was an antique. He frowned at me and informed me that it was in beautiful shape why he bought it used and he had it already for forty-two years!

Well he decided to open it up and the stench that boogied up to my large nostrils almost made me pass out.  He took my shaking body in his arms and assured me that we wouldn’t go anywhere before we aired it out.

To do that, he put the darn thing up on his front lawn.  He decided we should have a practice run by camping in it that night.  He would start a fire in his little stove out the front and we could roast marshmallows and hot dogs.

Needless to say it started to rain lightly and there were a few drippings coming inside.  Well of course he had the answer…a bright orange tarp poured over the top of the tent part held by clothes pegs would do the trick he assured me as I dodged the rain now pouring into the tent.

Up went the tarp…on went the clothes pegs and I wrang out my drenched pj’s.

By now I knew the night was ruined.  The covers were wet, my temper was flaring and he kept saying we could still have a campfire after the rain subsided.

I was freezing inside this stinky horrid tent.  You might know he had the solution.  He brought in a wee heater that he said  he had for a number of years and never had the occasion to use it to this point.

He turned the darn thing on and blessed heat came blowing over me…that is until the darn thing cut out.

“Darn!” Was the only thing he said.  “I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing.  They assured me at the garage sale that it worked when I bought it.  Guess I should have tried it before this.”

Just then it came back on and then proceeded to come on and off.  He told me he would have it fixed before we ever went camping.

Hey, I wasn’t born yesterday, I knew the gods were telling me to run and run fast.

Well folks we not only didn’t get out of Ontario…why we didn’t even get off the front lawn.

As I dashed to my car, there he was again chasing me with heater in hand telling me I could help fix it instead of running.

I am assuming he is munching away on his soggy marshmallows and salty wieners by himself, while I drift off to sleep in my nice warm bed “at home”.

I am thinking that perhaps this city-life thing just isn’t in the cards for me. Hope your week was better…Klara

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