Hi Folks. I was reading these words about the most important words in a loving relationship.
   Now I know why my sweetie Clem and I get on so well. Why we have them all.  We are the luckiest pair I do say.

10 Most Important Words in Any Loving Relationship
1. Trust
2. Intimacy
3. Communication
4. Commitment
5. Love
6. Friendship
7. Patience
8. Humour
9. Flexibility
10. Forgiveness
from “Love” by Gregory J.P. Godek

Trust. Boy do we have that.  I trust that old Clem will take the garbage out each Tuesday and save me trotting out in the cold and heat what with my varicose veins and all. He trusts that I will let him.
Intimacy.  Why just the other day Clem told me a secret.  Said I was the only one he told and not to tell a soul. Well I sure could promise that especially with my fingers crossed behind my back.
Communication. Yep, we really have that one down pat.  I tell him just what to do and he does it every time, sometimes he seems to be communicating something that looks like sign language. I just nod my head like I understand.
Commitment. I have warned him several times that I will commit him to the loony bin if he doesn’t stop talking to that darn rabbit.
Love.  Why my Clem just loves to do my bidding without question. I know because I love to watch the expressions on his face. They are so sweet.
Friendship. We have such a friendship. Clem always tries to keep the peace by keeping me happy, and because he succeeds, we will be friends for life.
Patience. I have the greatest patience folks.  I do realize Clem can’t jump to attention when I give my “suggestions” like he used to. His get up and go is got up and left. It takes all his patience to even hear me what with all the hair in his ears.
Humour.  Why he laughs at all my jokes even when they’re aimed at him. I laugh with him so as he isn’t laughing alone.
Flexibility. Well he’s falling down a little on this one as he is getting a little bent over.  I noticed him shuffling and that he was a bit stooped as he dragged the garbage bags out to the curb. My flexibility has gone down the tubes, what with the arthritis that won’t let me go out and help.
Forgiveness.  I told him I will forgive most anything as long as he changes his ways to my liking. He forgives me for being so bossy.  And How was your week Klara