image005I am confused!  What the heck is this world coming to?  No matter where I go, folks are talking about antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, oligosaccharides, and on and on. They say we need all these things in our foods.  Well I have heard about vitamins, and minerals, but golly by the time I figure out what all these noids and rides and phenols are, I could be wasting away from pure hunger.  Really who the heck can figure all these things out?  Not me, why I can hardly read all the things on a darn label without my glasses the words are so tiny and even when I can read, doesn’t make much sense to me.

I think these people come up with all this crazy stuff just to make their high-price stuff look like we won a prize or something – like we were living high off the hog and should be grateful we can afford all these high-classed foods..  Now can you imagine talking to a neighbour over the fence and that neighbour says “Hi Klara, something smelled good floating out your kitchen window. What were you brewing today?”

“ Oh gosh Malcom,” I would say with pride, “that was a touch of flavonoids, added to the oligosaccharides, and seared on the stove with a healthy dose of antioxidants for flavour,  and my secret recipe of vitamins and minerals poured over for presentation. That’s why I look and act so young.  You should try it, but plan for a meal a month ahead, it will take you that long to figure it out.

Now folks I ask you, where is all the hype about plain ordinary food like we had when we were kids? I grew up healthy and well heeled even though my mother knew only boil and sear!

She boiled everything from potatoes, cabbage, and yes that horrid limp spinach.  The only thing roasted was the beef and that was done on a Sunday along with potatoes and carrots.  The rest of the time, our meat consisted of seared chops and lots of hamburger.  We never heard that you had to cook hamburger really good. Why my kid brother loved it raw.

Even the beef we eat today is saturated with hormones and antibiotics.  Those hormones aren’t doing me a darn bit of good cause when I passed my 49th birthday (and I’m not a day older), everything started to fall.  The doctor told me I was going through the change of life and my hormones were getting lost.  I started to eat that beef like there was no tomorrow, but it’s done me no good.  The beef hormones must be getting lost too as my  everything’s are packing up and going south, never to return home.

We didn’t worry about vitamins and minerals, we got enough of that eating dirt and throwing horse patties at each other.  We ate healthy worm-filled disfigured apples, swiped from Old Mr. McGinty’s orchard, and bug-infested corn, grown by old Frank Nichols.

We weren’t worried about sprays, why we didn’t even have sprays to keep those flea-bitten mosquitoes off of us as we slept outside trying to grab onto a bit of cool air left from the humid day.  Oh where are the good old days, when we could spend our time eating  and gabbing with family at our mealtimes instead of spending our time figuring out those darn labels. And how was your week?  Klara