I want everyone to know that I have become a Biker Mamma, just in case you see me wavin to you on the streets on the back of a bike with a hunk sittin in front of me.

I will be the one wavin, tryin to create lots of attention to prove that an old gal like me still has the hootspa to have fun. An inspiration to the young folk, don’t you think?

Have you ever wanted to just let it all go, kick up your heels and the devil may care? Well friends, that’s exactly what this old gal did.

For all who know me, you know that I am the quiet, gentle part of the Kravitz clan.  Always sittin back and lettin everyone else make decisions for me; always wantin to do the right thing to preserve my reputation and all. Enough! I am comin out of my shell and look out!

So folks, I just have to state my case to everyone I know and either my way or the highway, and obviously not always tryin to preserve my reputation as in the case of ridin on the back of a motorcycle with this almost naked hunk of a man in the driver’s seat.

I gotta tell you, folks were just a starin as we drove down the main street.  There he was brown as chocolate and not much on except for a bathin suit and lots of bling and me in my white vanilla skin, dressed to the hilt in my Sunday-best coveralls.

I felt like a queen. Why I’d never had so much attention. To heck with the naysayers, this old lady was havin the time of her life what with the wind brushin over and into my coveralls, balloonin them out…musta looked like I weighed hundreds of pounds and people just a wonderin what the heck a gorgeous creature like me was doin with an almost naked man.

By the way, now that I think about it, I was wonderin at the time how the heck he could see where we were goin as he drove with his head low most of the time.

He wasn’t smilin much either and that’s why I poked him in the ribs a couple of times…you know to lighten him up.  I guess I did one poke too many especially when we were roundin a huge curve.  I didn’t know those motorcycles could dance. Why it wobbled every which way and somehow came to a dead stop.  Good job I had a helmet on cause I was sure by the mean look in that handsome hunk’s eyes that he was going to clobber me.

Instead I looked at him with my sheepishly cool girlish eyes (always works on my Clem) and I knew right away I had him. He never said an unkind word to me. Got that bike started and headed back to where he had picked me up.

Don’t know why he decided to speed so fast cause it made the wind gush back with such force it almost took my choppers with it.  I had to keep my mouth shut tight….couldn’t even smile.

I shut my eyes too and hoped for the best. Somehow he managed to get me back.  I was hardly off the bike before he revved it up and away he was again. I know it can’t be true but I did wonder if maybe he was glad to get rid of me. Can’t figure out why though.

That ride sure did give me ideas about gettin one of those motorcycle things.  I wonder why they all call them choppers…maybe because they chew up the road or maybe it’s the wind slammin into your face causing your choppers to fly out?

In any case folks, this old farm gal had a great time and will look for that hunk again. I’ll just bet he’s waitin out there for me.  Klara

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