A funny memory came to mind as I was sitting reminiscing about the past. I was giving thanks for the beautiful summer and knew soon it would be over and the glorious fall would start. My memory recalled a humorous Thanksgiving Day many years ago.

Soon this most important date in our history will be approaching and such an important date for our family too. Thanksgiving is M Mertle F, Mortimer, Collard and Cornish (our sons), Cranky Cat, and now our newest addition Crabby Dog, sit around the dinner table.

Sometimes it is the only time family can gather and catch up on the year’s news and give thanks we are all standing above ground. Each one—with the exception of our beloved animals— says what he/she is thankful for.

I know the animals are giving thanks too, that we haven’t handed them over to the animal cops when they take a nip out of Clem’s hair piece, or knock his false teeth off the stand next to the bed…