Well folks it is one heck of a summer, if that’s what one can call it.  I usually sit outside with my feet up and whatever skin I decide I can expose, to get a wee of sun, and try to get some colour on some of my parts.  I’ve been told I’m so white

Now I don’t expose my legs because at my age, they just have too many dimples.  When I was a wee gal, why everyone told me I had the cutest dimples when I smiled. Well the dimples in my cheeks have disappeared into my jowls and I have formed new ones in my upper thighs, but believe you me, there is no smiling going on there.

No one has seen my upper arms, including me for I don’t know how many years. The last time I took a second to notice them in the mirror, I almost lost my teeth, why it looked like a king-size bat on the attack with those huge flappers flailing.

Needless to say, I didn’t get outside much, so I decided that a perfect summer would be, to lie outside in my easy chair, with the sun shining, warm summer breezes blowing, birds singing, and the lawnmower broken.  So I decided I was going sit in my favourite easy chair, and read the latest beauty magazines.

Now is you want to take the test to see how smart your right foot is…well you just have to wait a wee bit into the podcast to see how to take the test.  Meanwhile enjoy…take care and keep smiling