Summer is here, the children are out, and my Clem is getting itchy to get back to the farm and plant his wee garden.  Now for most folks, planting a garden is the easy thing to do, not my Clem.  He is down on all fours with Cranky Dog sniffing along behind him.

Sometimes I wonder who is who?  I have told him many times that he can just throw the seed to the wind and let the seeds fall where they may, that way, you get a surprise, and you have to keep your eye out for each tiny plant.  I figure that way you look after them properly by tiptoeing around the garden hoping not to squash one of God’s little creatures.

Now my Clem thinks that‘s just hogwash.   He has to take each little seed one at a time, give it its proper burial before he can go on to the next one.  Why it takes him a day just to plant those wee carrot seeds.

Now if that’s not enough, when it comes time to keep the weeds out of the garden, my feeling is that only the fittest survive.  If you plant like I propose, you let everything grow, and the eats that are supposed to live do.