I read a book that asks you to try not complaining, criticizing, or gossiping for twenty-one days straight.  If on day fifteen you find yourself doing any of the above, you must start again at day one. When you are finished why you can get a certificate to hang on your wall to show just what a positive person you are.

You can send away for this purple bracelet for yourself or you can use an elastic or button.  Each time you make a criticizing, complaining or gossiping statement you have to move the bracelet/elastic/button to the opposite arm, etc. And…start over at Day 1.

Hey I figured this was such an easy task as I’m the most positive person I know.  I knew I’d be through this little test in a jiffy.  I decided I’d take the cheaper road and wear an elastic as I didn’t want to brag to anyone that I was wearing a purple band, why it wouldn’t go with my high-fashioned clothes and I didn’t have pockets to move a button back and forth, but a measly elastic should be cheap and easy.