Hey gals, it’s never too late to be a cougar…especially when we get a wee bit older cause not many men last to our age so the ones that are still around are younger and can make you a cougar  yippppeeee!

You know I told you I won the dance contest a few weeks back, well now there’s no stopping me.. this gorgeous dance machine in coveralls. Off to the Rib Fest in Burlington I went and so much music. (for those of you who don’t know where Burlington is…it is in Ontario Canada)

I landed myself under the shade and the music got into my blood. My feet just had to fly.  I was center stage, all by myself, that is until I spied this gorgeous hunk of a man standing off to the side. I just knew he was aching to dance with me and was just too shy to ask. So, I sashayed over and invited him to dance with me. I was,  of course by that time, the center of attraction.