I’m using this episode folks to give my pet peeve about the English Language if that’s what the darn thing is called now.  Where have all the words gone?  I used to be able to understand what the heck I was reading word for word, but nowadays, what with the high speed computer where you have 1 1/2 seconds to state your case before you are clicked away into cyberspace, I guess this new language has been born.

I decided to write my computer friend about my vacation, in the new language, in this new short-form language I call it. She sent me an answer back with HUGE LETTERS (I believe they call that screaming on the computer.) 

She asked me had I gone crazy?  She said she didn’t understand a word about my vacation other than the fact I had gone for a trip into space and developed an alien language.  I was taken back and so I decided to let you folks be the judge.  Here goes.