Have you ever wondered how old you really look to other people?  I know that I haven’t aged much, well not too much.  I have found the odd laughing line of course, by looking in a strong magnifying glass.

Clem declares I am still his young spring chicken, but somehow a few of my springs are missing, and the ones left have lost their bounce and I now sport a few soft spots here and there. 

Don’t you just love it when your man tries to tell you that you are growing old, but adds a bit of sweetness to it?  I used to think he said it lovingly, but now I know it’s because he didn’t want to go flying out the front door bouncing full tilt on his own cracked springs.

The other day out to the get the mail I went and there was a letter in there from an old high school I went to in my teens saying there was a school reunion coming up for all who attended in the year 1959.